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Why Fuzion Platform
Fuzion Platform is a web-based architecture built by using the Java coding language. Implementing cutting-edge technologies enable us to offer a rigid, secure and scalable applications for all your business needs. Using Java technologies, our environment is wider and more flexible when it comes to integrating with third party hardware or software and deployment on cross-platform operating systems. Fuzion Platform offers a common unique portal to access all your applications using the same users with specified privileges along with a simple user interface.
Features & Advantages
  • Fuzion Platform offers many features and components to be integrated with your business applications allowing users to see their data in different type of view going from a simple Form view to a List of records and Tree hierarchical view.
  • A simple and user friendly interface is built on the top of the Fuzion Platform which makes the employees learning curve very low, offering a smooth interaction features allowing users to control their data view with a fast data access and filtering.
  • To summarize your business transactions, an advanced customizable dashboard could be implemented with Fuzion Platform to display your data in different type of views going from the simplest data listing to the charting view.
  • Fuzion Platform can act as an intermediate and standalone application with interference with any other existing applications to add missing features and to provide flexible and customizable results. It can be connected to different type of data sources and databases in the same time.
  • The Platform also offers a dynamic and user-friendly reporting viewer tool to export data in different format with helpful features.
Platform Target
  • Customizable Business Needs
  • Customizable Business Workflows
  • Industrial Applications
  • Business Intelligence & decision Support Systems
  • Reporting and Dashboard Tool on the top of existing Databases
10 Reasons For Fuzion
  • Easy navigation and User Friendly Interface
  • Can work with Intranet and Internet
  • Can be integrated to mobile apps
  • Can be integrated with external Devices
  • Highly Secure and Multi-Platform
  • Multi Language Support configurable by users
  • Advanced and Intelligent Search Engine used with Documents, Different Databases and Mail Server
  • Advanced permission system
  • Multi exporting format
  • Different type of data visualizations
Fuzion Quick Features
  • Zooming to Rows
  • Managing Grid views by users
  • Advance and Easy to use search feature
  • Different Form Views
  • Funneling
  • Grid Rotation
  • Export / Import different type of data
  • Mail server integration Or SMS Gateways for Email / SMS notifications
  • Multi-language
  • Users Profile and Access rights


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